3000 percent growth in Geo Tv's initiative GeoDost after launching with SeenReport's technology

by Yaser Awan Mar 04, 10, 07:32 PM

Geo Tv is Pakistan's leading channel. In order to become people's voice and to give ordinary citizens a platform they had launched a citizen journalism platform with the name of Geodost more than two years ago. Where citizen could report to Geo about social, political or any other local problem in their area and make their voice heard.
We are happy to announce that Geo has recently relaunched GeoDost with SeenReport's platform (www.geodost.tv ) in January 2010. Ever since its launch Geo received overwhelming response from people around Pakistan and abroad, where thousands of people are reporting different news and multimedia content. Whether its a natural disaster, terrorist activity, electricity theft, child abuse, drug mafia, LDA's slackness over road carpeting, police abuse or any other issue, people have been really vocal and reporting issues from their mobiles. Another very inspirational and noticeable thing about the service is that majority of its users were not active contributors online but now through GeoDost they are micro / photo /video blogging and reporting news extensively.
With so many people raising their voice and making themselves heard the service has seen 3000% growth since its relaunch and has made Geo Tv a true voice of Pakistan.
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